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Exposure to sunlight can cause these effects

Exposure to sunlight can cause such effects

Winter is coming to a sunny time. It is also the perfect time to travel. But in the winter, hair needs to be carefully maintained. In winter, when the sun is hot and direct sunlight can damage the hair .

1) In the open season, there is dust and dust. Sweating can be sudden, irritating, Two-sided fever; It can cause hair problems and hair loss.

Winter can dry up your skin and cause it to burn. The hair is covered with hair, but that is not the main thing. Hair loss can also damage the hair follicles.

Winter is the dry season for your hair. It is also a climate that will reduce moisture. It is a big mistake to use chemicals and hair blends with chemicals.

(4) a hat, a hat, Walking without the umbrella, the hair is directly exposed to the sun, causing the hair to fall out and change from dark brown to dark brown. If you are outdoors, the color of your hair will gradually fade.

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