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Korean artists admitted to having suffered from depression

After Sulli’s death, people became aware that there were many people suffering from depression. They also highlight some artists who have struggled to cope with the Korean artists who have admitted to depression.

1. BTS’s Suga

Suga previously revealed that he suffered from depression while producing his solo song, The Last. In an interview, “Depression and loneliness will always be with us. We have to work all our lives to overcome them. ”

2. IU

IU also revealed to fans that she suffered from depression at one of her shows in 2016. She suffered from depression in 2014. In 2014, her success was highest, and she began to feel pressure. “At that time, I couldn’t sleep at all,” she said. There were also times when it was not easy to get to work on the budget. I had to work hard to get my mind back on track. ”

Goo Hara

Goo Hara, who is a member of Kara, even went so far as to commit suicide in May, 2019. Goo Hara is suffering from depression. He has to be very careful and watch over him. Goo Hara’s manager said, “When I kept calling her phone, I went to the house with her while I was out, and I found her on the stairs.” Goo Hara also apologized to her fans and tried to relieve her depression. It’s just luck.

4. Taeyeon

Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon also revealed her depression. I told you in June, 201 During an interview with her fans on Instagram, they asked about her health. She also revealed how depressed she was.

Lee Byung Hun

Lee Byung Hun, who played in Hollywood, suffered from the disease after his father’s death. “Depression is what comes with being through the most difficult times of your life,” he said. After suffering from depression, he also had to undergo treatment because he suffered from anxiety disorder. Lee Byung Hun, who is now recovering from his illness, said he is still struggling to cope with the disease.

6. Suzy

Suzy suffered from the disease. She was very busy and started to feel pressured by her hopes and comments. As she joked with her actress friends, she burst into tears, even without knowing it. At the time of the interview, she learned that she was suffering from depression.


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